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Información del Libro 'Libro Up and Down With the Rolling Stones de Sanchez Tony'

Libro Up and Down With the Rolling Stones de Sanchez Tony

Enviado por QuedeLibros el 2013-03-03 00:00:00

Resena: “Spanish” Tony Sanchez worked for The Rolling Stones for eight years in a number of capacities, including bodyguard, dope connection, and fall guy. He was friendly with Brian Jones before the group was formed, so he had intimate, first-hand knowledge of much of the bedlam and debauchery that followed The Stones through Swinging London. His unauthorized 1979 biography of the group is loaded with well-told inside stories that will ultimately leave you feeling very sober. His telling of how Mick Jagger and Keith Richards pushed Jones (no choir boy himself) to the fringe of the group before expelling him provides a stark portrait of the egotistical, self-serving side of the Glimmer Twins. Certainly Jagger and Richards have never been accused of being sentimental pushovers, but here they come across as leering gargoyles, feeding off the flesh of anyone who crosses their path, and tossing aside the remains like so much rubbish. Sanchez’ version of the Stones’ role in the Altamont Speedway tragedy is particularly gut-wrenching. On December 6th, 1969 the group gave a free concert for more than 250,000 people at the racetrack outside of San Francisco. The Hell’s Angels were hired as bodyguards, but rather than quelling the crowd, they helped ignite the orgy of violence that occurred that day. Four people died, including Meredith Hunter, a black man who was stabbed and kicked to death by a hoard of Angels within plain view of the stage. According to Sanchez, Jagger’s response to the disaster was to rhetorically ask “Flower Power was a load of crap wasn’t it?”

Idioma: INGLÉS
Categoría: Lengua y Literatura, Biografías

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